Blue Light Symptoms | How Gleam Can Help


Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Symptoms

Computer Vision Syndrome - also referred to as Digital Eye Strain - is a syndrome of our digital world. Its common symptoms include neck and shoulder pain, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, insomnia, and blurred vision.

As female bosses, we can easily dismiss these as a sign of stress.  And we go about our day - like me - without realizing that we are experiencing Digital Eye Strain.

What causes it?

It's the 10 + hrs a day we spend working in front of a computer. Or the countless hours we spend texting, on social media, and doing research as part of the entrepreneurial hustle.  Yeah, I know, what’s a girl boss to do! 

Overexposure to blue light and reduction in blinking are significant culprits. Ugh!  So the more we work hard, the more we strain our eyes.

Treatment & Prevention

In addition to scheduling a checkup with your optometrist, healthcare providers such as Cedars Sinai suggest you do the following:

  • Practice the 20|20|20 rule - every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds
  • Remember to blink more often (easier said than done)
  • After 2 hrs of screen time - take a 15-minute break

    How can Gleam Eyewear help?

    We strive to empower female bosses to grow their businesses careers and empires. And the best way is to provide you with protection from Computer Vision Syndrome is through computer glasses.

    We can’t remind you to practice the 20|20|20 rule or take a break every day. But we can provide your eyes protection from screen glare and blue light. 

    Our HANDMADE, stylish glasses, will block 40% of the harmful blue light that you are exposed to daily.  And wearing them might remind you to blink more while you work ;).

     Say goodbye to digital eye strain and its symptoms with GLEAM Eyewear!